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owner & stylist

Hi GEMs, I’m Taylor, the one who birthed GEM in October 2019  Being a Gemini is not the reason for the name, although it could work.. Crystals & Gemstones inspired the name of the salon, no cut or color is the exact same 
I attended cosmetology school during high school and became licensed the year I graduated in 2010. I knew almost immediately that I wanted to own a salon one day. First, I had a dream to work for Nick Arrojo, and during the years 2015-2017 I did just that. At ARROJO I was trained in all things hair color (which inspired GEMS training program) I LOVE cutting hair but it’s safe to say my favorite service to provide is any color service. As an artist, I appreciate the creative outlet it gives me and the self expression it offers my clients. My hobbies include shoes , watching mindless tv shows & traveling  A fun fact about myself: I’ve been to 10+ different countries/islands & i’m always looking forward to the next  but first an oat milk shaken espresso or a cold brew with almond milk..To the clients who have been along for the entire ride and for the new faces I see throughout the salon on a weekly basis, thank you for supporting my small business and (not to be cheesy but) my dream come true!



As most of you know, I’m estymellyyelly and for those who don’t; hi! I’m melanie! I’m a licensed esthetician and I’ve been licensed since 2018 and started slaying at GEM in 2019. I love a good before and after transformation of a full set of lashes! I’m a Taurus so my hobbies include eating & sleeping with an occasional scary movie here and there. I adopted two pitbulls (cats) who I adore and live for. When you make your appointment to see me and don’t want to come empty handed I love a cold brew with oat milk or cream from ANYWHERE & if you ever stop at a gas station on the way to GEM I’ll happily take a pickle in a bag or any oh snap! 

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Hi GEMs, my name is Sara & I’ve been at GEM since end of June 2020! Licensed for 5 years, graduated Schilling-Douglas in 2017. I love creating custom lived in blondes using various painting techniques! It makes for a one of a kind result for each guest! As a true Sagittarius, I love to travel any chance I get. I love going to concerts & binge watching shows with my cat Luna on my lap (usually New Girl or Criminal Minds on repeat). I love ice cream & Taco Bell (fun fact: I have a Taco Bell tattoo!) To keep us going on a long day, I’ll take an iced blonde vanilla latte with oatmilk  


Hi guys! I’m Samantha. I’ve been licensed since 2016 and in the industry since 2015. I’ve been at GEM since September 2020. I’m a sucker for a light and bright blonde with a subtle root tap for a seamless grow out. I love the way it’s the best of both worlds; being as blonde as possible while also growing out super natural and beautiful! I’m a Virgo, whatever that means. Outside of the salon I love spending time with my husband Logan, my two dogs Dakota and Brandon, my family, and my friends. I love pop culture and a good trashy reality show. I love French fries, cinnamon rolls, & chicken fingers. To wash all of that down my go to coffee order is an iced caramel coffee with almond milk! Fun fact about me is that anytime I hear a Celine Dion song, I can’t help myself but perform! Hope to see you soon 

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Hiii! My name is Karah & I graduated Paul Mitchell The School in August 2022 and became licensed in December 2022! I’ve been with GEM since May 2021! I just recently completed my 11 month training at GEM in January 2024, im really excited to get behind the chair and master all the blonding services! I’m a Scorpio through and through. My favorite things to do outside the salon are to play with my kitty Lucille & spending time on the water. I love tubing and hanging on the beach. My favorite food is pasta. Hands down. All sauces are welcome. My caffeine pick me up is usually an iced brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso! Fun fact about me is, I moved to Delaware from PA in 2020 on a whim, and found my GEMs!

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Client Coordinator 

Hey guys!! My name is Bella. I’m new to the industry and just started at Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in November 2023 & I’m so excited for this new journey of mine. I started at GEM July 2023, when I graduate late 2024 I will be following in the GEM way & taking Taylor’s awesome training program. I’m a favorite of all blonding services. My favorite words are “make me blonde”. I also LOVE a good before & after. I’m a Pisces without a doubt! My favorite things to do outside the salon is binge watch any tv shows & being at the beach, of course. My favorite food is Mexican, any day. My caffeine pick if your feelings sweet:) is a caramel iced coffee, with cream & sugar! Fun fact about me is I started out in this industry at only 16 wanting to learn all things hair & the love hasn’t stopped. I hope to see & greet everyone who walks into the lovely GEM 💎 & See all of you as I grow into a great stylist. 

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stylist in training

Hey GEMS! My name is Renee & I attend Paul Mitchell The School and will be graduating at the end of February 2024. I will be starting my training program here at GEM in March! Taking clients on Tuesday - so stay tuned for a final date  I love anything blonde, I could do foils all day without a doubt! I am a true Leo. I love summertime more than anything, I could spend all my days off on a beach. A fun fact about me is I am an identical twin, but my sister and i are totally day and night  My favorite shows will always be Friends and The Watcher. My caffeine choice is a Carmel shaken espresso with almond milk. I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful faces as I grow here at GEM 

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Salon Coordinator 

Hey y’all! I’m Clara and I have been creating magic for clients since 2009. I’m a Virgo and I was raised on a farm in Kent county, so the southern charm is in my blood. I have been freelancing for my own business for 8 years after working at some of the big name salons in Northern Delaware. I attended Paul Mitchell and worked at Nordstrom for 4 years. I am a MAC cosmetics certified artist, and love creating anything from the most dramatic to the most natural looks! I still own my own studio in Milford, DE. I have a passion for working on photo shoots, weddings, and just about anything to do with Hair and the true love of my life, Makeup!

Hiking, cooking, and connecting with friends that have become family are what you will find me doing in my off time! If it’s summertime, chances are I’m at the drive on with my friends! If it’s winter, you will probably find me in the kitchen cooking for my loved ones! I highly value good conversations and beautiful vibes! I believe magic is what should be created with everyone that crosses my path!

salon assistant 

Princess Aurora Marie Kline is our certified emotional support animal who is in the salon once, sometimes twice a month. She is a Pisces and will be turning 8, March 2023. Rory usually sleeps in her bed all day but will occasionally get up to greet our clients. She is the absolute sweetest soul, our clients look forward to seeing her!

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